Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Week 32 August 2013

Yet again I’m behind with the blog this time I was away for a few days in the Yorkshire Dales and returned to the source of this weeks image.

This image was an interesting “still life” arrangement in the back bar of the Richard iii pub in Middleham. The original shots were taken when I was there in May but worked on for week 32. There are a few pictures from that trip in my other blog anyway back to :-

The Window Sill


Originally 3 shots stitched together a curves adjustment some dodging and burning and some colour tweaking and some texture added.

Sunday, 11 August 2013

Week 31 August 2013

Much to my shame I have neglected my bike, so to rectify this I went for a short ride taking my camera.

On one of my stops I saw this Butterfly on this flower.

IMGP9885  Think this is a Peacock Butterfly.

Sunday, 4 August 2013

Week 30 August 2013

Still experimenting with the iphone camera and edits on the Ipad

Went for a day out on the Embsy to Bolton Abbey railway image taken with ClassicPAN with vignetting and FrameRocket effect turned on. Then edited with Tiltshift app to selectively blur it.

2013-08-04 19.06.46

Week 29 July 2013

I’m still running a week late with my blogs.

This weeks image was taken at Ripley Castle in North Yorkshire.


Saturday, 27 July 2013

week 28 July 2013

This week I’m very late posting this blog so will be 2 posts close together. Another photo taken on my phone and edited on ipad. Taken with ClassicPAN edited with Photoforge and InstaGrungFx

Photo 27-07-2013 19 26 51

Tuesday, 16 July 2013

week 27 July 2013

Saw a yellow field of Rapeseed that had lots of poppies and daisies around the edges. It was a couple of days before I could get to take some photo’s by this time a lot of the yellow flowers had dropped around were the poppies and daisies were. Took some shots I was quiet please with but as an after thought I took a few with my phone using the Hipstamatic app using the JOHN S lens and Ina’s 69 film. So this week my image is one of the phone ones.

Photo 10-07-2013 11 27 27

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Week 26 July 2013

Its beginning to look like I have given up on Photography but that is far from the case, just haven’t had the opportunity recently to capture anything I like. Have taken lots of snapshots of my grandchildren and the usual daily stuff.  But I have, as shown in other bits of this blog, started to draw on the iPad. When my Grand children we a little younger a series of photos was take by their father on his phone. In these photos they looked like they were been attacked and then defeated their Gruffello toys. So I had the idea of changing them into a mini comic book. So asked if I could use the photos as reference. At first I used a method I had used before in Photoshop but wasn’t too happy with results and decided to draw by hand but was taking too long in PS as didn't get enough time sat on my Lappy, So was put on a back burner.

Here is where the IPad comes in. First I used “Brushes” and made a rough colour sketch. Then opened the sketch in “InkPad” and inked in the outlines and blocked in the colours. I then put into an app called “halftone” and put in the dots. Opened in “Sketchbook Pro “ both the inkpad drawing and the halftone version and erased some of the halftone. This is the first frame and I have decided to miss out the speech bubbles and Pows ad biffs until I join all the frames as one piece. Have quiet decide how that will work yet might have to finish in PS or perhaps InkPad again. Then I’m going over lay some texture to make the pages look papery.

This is the first frame.2013-07-09 11.22